Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Zoodie in Shop - The Koala Zoodie

I am so happy a friend and reader of this here blog wanted to order a Koala Zoodie...because now that I have a shop I have a place to put it! So thank you Suzanne! and special thanks for ordering it in Bodie's size so i can snap a few pics! bonus!!

I had gotten this request as a special order some time ago but wasn't quite sure about posting it up as a regular seller because i wasn't quite sure if it was something people would instantly recognize as "koala"...but i have had quite a few people tell me they like this little why not?

i have to say bodie man does not like to wear clothes of any sort these days...he much prefers the suit God gave him...but...he was a fan of this zoodie...he kept rubbing the belly...i take that as a good sign...that and he kept the hood up the ENTIRE time...which always shocks me with an 18 month old...he usually takes anything off his head the instant you put it on...I'll take that as a good sign too :)

So...the Koala Zoodie - Available at! Wuuu!

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