Friday, July 23, 2010

Welcome Home Matt!

oh excited!Matt Barnes signed with the Lakers! i am so excited for Matt (who is Bryan's cousin)...and a little selfishly, excited for myself. I have been to many of his games throughout his 7 year career (and even at UCLA) and it is always hard watching him play against the Lakers...I want Matt to do well, but end up rooting for the Lakers...i root for Matt and the Lakers...which confuses the hek out of the people around us in the stands....but now - i dont have to!

i know that this isn't a "sports blog" but i just have to say that this is the most dramatic summer of signing for basketball i have known...with LeBraun and his prime-time "special unveiling" that he is going to Magic...and Fisher meeting with Orlando too (but he knows better...he knows Lakers is home) and with Phil Jackson maybe retiring (but again...not being able to resist another "3 peat" and now with Matt (who was signed with Toronto for like, a day) should be its own reality show...

Anyway - Congrats Matt! Can't wait to buy my Lakers Barnes Jersey!

(Matt with Bryson when bryson was about 7 months - sorry i couldnt find a better pic!)

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Julia said...

A: yay for an even better reason to party at the Barnes, but more importantly B: that is an awesome profile pic, you look fantasic! Oh, and C: I LOVE my zoodies and can't wait to give them away!