Wednesday, July 7, 2010

9 years

i keep repeating it to myself...9 years. monday morning we ate breakfast at the Jolly Roger with my dad and grandparents, which happens to be right below the spot we said "i do" at 9 years was neat to be back and see the place where we changed our lives forever.

for our anniversary we are going to see this and stay the night in a hotel like a big boy and girl...without kids...thank you annie mannie...but since they werent open yet, we went out to dinner on our actual anniversary. and we went to Haven in the Orange Circle (thanks JJ for the rec!) and can i please tell you what i ate? because i am very very PREGNANT right now and this is how i have my fun...

we ordered the brussel sprouts for starters...what? how do i know i am officially an ADULT? because i PAID for brussel sprouts...actually they were awesome! made with a lemon-ey sauce and awesome crispy prosciutto...yumm...for dinner we had the chicken n' waffles (buttermilk fried chicken, cornmeal waffles, maple syrup made with beer and hot sauce all over...OMG awesome!) and the cabernet crusted escolar (not as big a fan as the chicken n waffles - still good...but didnt finish) and let me tell you for dessert - we ready? Candied Bacon Ice Cream over a brownie... and homemade twinkies...the bacon ice cream was actually amazing.

we must go back...there is a grilled octopus i need to try...and the arctic char...and the maybe a couple trips are in order!

in cleaning out my books i came across a travel journal i kept while on a trip to sweden in was during that trip that bryan and i discovered we LOVED each other and we told each other when i returned. so needless to say, i was goo-goo gaga in love with him during the trip and it came across in my journal. it was fun to read to him during dinner...i kept writing things like, "i really hope i dont mess this up" - i knew what an amazing guy i had from the start and still do. the best 9 years of my life. he still makes me laugh until my sides hurt. he still makes my heart skip a beat when he takes his shirt off. he still has that way of getting me to tell him everything. i wont go on...though i could for many many a post on how wonderful i think he is...and if you know know...just for fun here are some pics of us on our honeymoon in Bali and some more recent pics of us *old* ...goodness i hope my backside looks like that again!


the BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

Yay for 9 years...and YAY for bacon ice cream! : )

JoAnna said...

Aw, congrats on 9 years! :)

And Kathleen said...

So sweet. What an inspiration you two are!

Rashelle said...

I remember when you first told me about him and those feelings :) Many years to the two of you!

Christina said...

so lovely! congrats to you and Bryan.

Jonathan, Rachel, Greta said...

Congrats! We're coming up on our 9th as well.

And can I just say that I CANNOT tell the difference between the new and the old pics of you guys? Really. Still do not even know. That's how good-looking and youthful you both are.