Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Patchwork Finds - Handmade Goody Bag

I have this stash of business cards on my desk that I have been compiling in the hopes of maybe starting a feature on handmade businesses to spotlight...i am horribly horrible at any type of regularity though, so its not going to be a "Handmade Tuesday" or anything like that, but i would like to share and promote other handmade companies when i can...so here are some of the people at Patchwork that I thought were doing something cool:

1. Fruition Handmade Jewelry - (see pic on right via the Fruition etsy shop) - i loved her stuff - very simple and organic shapes and there was one particular necklace i LOVED and i see its not in her shop anymore and this makes me very sad...i was hoping to show Bryan as a hint for a "push present" it was a simple necklace with a gold hammered plain banner...it was so simple and beautiful...anyway - i love all her stuff though and was able to pick up a necklace for a dear friend's birthday who shares jewelry taste with me.

2. The Graham Street Press - A friend from church, Ryan, is part owner of this company and was a co-sponsor of Patchwork and printed their shirts on his screens. I picked up a bear shirt of his for Bryan and chatted with him a bit about what they do. If you are ever looking for a screen printing company these guys are awesome!

3. Chabuki - This was a kids clothing booth. they have a site on etsy too - i didnt buy anything from them...but only because i dont know the gender of my fetus...in fact, i am quite happy that i didnt know, because if, in fact, this baby is a girl...i could very well go broke spending money on all the cute little girls stuff...its sickening how cute some of the stuff was. they sold this simple little sundress...oh my goodness...so cute!

4. Random Nicole - Nicole is one of the women who plan and put on Patchwork. Her store is so cute and its hard to believe just one person makes so much in such a broad range of stuff. i bought a yo-yo necklace at her booth that i get complimented on all the time...also this sewing machine necklace...it got kinda cut off in the pic...but so cute - i love it! she does womens, mens, babies and accessories.

oh there is more...much more...which i shall save for a future post. If there is a certain handmade company you think i should mention - comment and let me know about it!

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