Saturday, April 17, 2010

Shop Update! Dresses Galore!

I had the community market/fair at Fremont Elementary today to help raise money for the school's tech/science lab. what a great school...what a great community. this will be Bryson's school if he goes to Public school and what a great introduction to the school i had today. We met the principal (who happens to attend the same church as we do...hurrah) and a lot of the parents and their kiddos as well. these are some of the only pics we took, but i love it because this is so what happens during a craft show - one or more of the kiddos running around, some in the booth, some out. it was a great day, but mainly because i shared a booth with Angie. Angie used to have a little shop called The Outfit. Sadly, they are closing, but for a good cause - Angie became a mommy to her third child 6 weeks ago (her and her sweet baby girl Esme shown here) and is putting her efforts there - where they belong. And guess what? you can benefit! She is having a huge sale over go here and check out her store!!

I scored this sweet little hat for the Bode-ster from her...he loves it for seconds at a time...hopefully we can keep reminding him how cool it is!

So if you have been paying attention, i have been making a slurry of little wee girls' dresses and no models to speak of to post decent pics up in the shop, but thanks to dear Angie i was able to purchase a wee mannequin from her. by far the easiest model to work with ;) however, this model only fits 2T and up, so my smaller dresses still need a little bod until they can go as well.

i was able to post some things up in the shop today - a bunch of stuff for 2T! so if you were looking...i'm just sayin!

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the kiddos said...

That was the most fun I've had working at a craft fair! Pancakes with Carlee... what a blessed Saturday morning! Let's do it again, without working at the same time :)