Tuesday, April 27, 2010

hot rod shirt

we had another t-shirt making round this weekend...my sister and liz even got in on the fun. i love having a backyard to be able to craft - it makes clean-up all the more easier, which makes me want to do it, which makes bryson a happy boy - he loves to create as much as i do :)

so another car shirt for him...i really like how it turned out - the little red hot rod was a nice suggestion from B. i have already had 3 different guys ask for an adult version...maybe Sweet B should look into a men's line? funny...i used to work for a men's fashion magazine and always thought how boring men's fashion is...pants and shorts and shirts...snooze! now look at me...all knee-deep in little boys! and who knew it could be as fun as making dresses? well...quite nearly as fun anyway :)

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