Monday, April 12, 2010

another craft fair...

i am such a good little blogger when it comes to really random and mostly unimportant things...but when it comes to the shop and bizness i get all lame...

i am in a craft fair this weekend...sorry for the late notice...its at Fremont Elementary on 4th and Termino this Saturday from 8am - 1pm...its to raise money for the elementary school's science lab, which is in danger of leaving the school due to the never-ending budget cuts.

if you are around - stop by! it should be a cute little community market.

i haven't been whipping up too much new stuff because i have been making actual sales! can you believe it? after about 6 months of silence, i have had 7 orders in the past 2 weeks - 4 of those being zoodies...good stuff! i have had some friends and family also place some orders, which i am always more than happy to do.  its so fun to create something together with someone.

part of my new years resolution was to use up my fabric before i went off and bought new stuff (the exception being if i was out of a type of fabric - like flannel for baby blankets, etc). so i ruined all that when i stopped at M&L Fabrics in Anaheim because a certain "friend" told me about how great it is...(thanks a lot i dream about that store!). but i am slowly using all the gingham i bought there...havent finished the quilt yet, but once i have a good 5 or 6 hours to kill i am totally on it :)

so my sister ordered a dress for a 1 year old birthday girl and i whipped up 2 - one for her and one for the shop, whichever she doesn't choose will be for sale on saturday. so let me know which one is about 12-18 months i would say...the blue and orange one is super duper soft and the pear one is a bit fuller.

i am planning on doing more craft fairs in the upcoming months so stay tuned and hopefully i will get better at announcing and giving people actual planning time :)

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