Wednesday, April 7, 2010

oh candis

my mom sent me this pic of herself at my i am assuming this is sara-britt she is holding (her third)? she thought our hair choices were oddly similar...i see so much of myself in this picture its a little scary...first of all she is carrying a diaper bag she made - gotta love that 80s quilted fabric! and she probably made that bonnet too.

so many instances my sister or husband will look at me as i scold bryson, or spend an extra 5 minutes to make a matching hair ribbon, or laugh at the dumbest thing, or forget to finish a sentence or add baking soda in the cookies and just say, "hello candis" its true and its inevitable and i am totally at peace with it...

except for that braces and perm period she had in her 30s...dont want to go there...sorry ya!
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the BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

This is the perfect reminder for SB about our childhood vacations. Over Easter she was complaining about not getting to camp with us when we were little. I told her about a time when the Kings and our family camped at Doheney and you guys stayed up the street at a hotel with tennis courts. Your mom's sweater vest and collared shirt make me wonder if this is that vacation. : )

PS - you totally have the same hair here!

Anonymous said...

You are so much cuter and have those wonderful long legs, plus you are smarter and more talented. I think you got the best of the genetic material available. I was happy that we could put you in braces and that straight hair is IN for now. I love you my sweet baby. PS you look very cute with the little bun in the oven.
Mor Mor

Rashelle said...

I like SB's sweet kicks.