Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the hunting of the eggs...

meet the Westmont babies...that is babies due to the coupling of Westmont-ers...this is, by the way, also an ad for Westmont College since they apparently produce the most darling children around...if you need an excuse like that to go there...i guess...

Meet Hank (Henry Willard Bartel - son of Jon and Paige): he is the youngest of the group (by about a week) - he is so smart and advanced for his age. he is so good at communicating what he wants - (and his momma is even better at reading him before he needs to). he has a sweet sweet heart - if he really likes something he tries to give it to you...and doesnt take it back...which i thought was amazing! he is content to people watch - or more accurately Bryson watch...but is also quick to join in on the fun and explore it all himself too! he looks just like his mama, but i can tell a lot of his papa's sweet disposition is coming through.

and this little doll is Signy...she is the daughter of Andy and Monica Hansen and is the only girl of the bunch...so far...we shall see if she is joined by any other little females soon enough! She is a little talker and definitely the mama-ish type of the group. very concerned about the other boys. at one point she was sitting down and looked at them and just told her mama, "boys..." get used to it girl...you can come pull a seat up next to me and we'll talk! she is also very concerned if you cough - she will ask if you are okay. She knows what she wants and is not fearful of expressing that, but she is also very concerned about the others too. she is so precious!

and finally Declan Oliver Hurley - the adorable son of Jeff and Solera. Declan is so sweet. he and Bryson played so well it was so sweet to watch. He was so excited about our Easter egg hunt and part of the excitement included dumping his bucket of eggs out. He also sat through the entire church service and barely made a peep...only an occasional "bryson!" really...it amazed me...i didnt know boys like that existed! he is a little Jeff clone...my goodness...it makes me laugh just looking at him!

it was so fun to spend some quality time with them and to watch our friends of 10+ years interact with their kids too! what amazing parents they all are...which isn't surprising since they are all pretty amazing people in my opinion, but so fun to see them start to raise their families and continue on this crazy journey.

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