Monday, December 15, 2008

Twilight The Movie

my sweet sister took me out on a date yesterday to go see the Twilight movie. i was so excited to see it...such a dork i know! the really sad realization though is that I AM OLD! i seriously developed a crush on the guy who played Bella's dad...soooo much hotter than the vampire dude. how sad is that? but seriously - he was hot. it seems like a lot of these teen guys look like vampires - the whole cast of Gossip Girl look like vampires to me...its that rich, white thing i guess. and her dad had a mustache in the movie, but i am convinced it was to make him look older...and more like a cop...but i couldnt find any pictures of him with his stache so this is the actor who played him...

anyway...the movie...right- so it was a pretty good representation of the book. i feel like the over-pronouncement of apples was a little silly (the whole fruit of immortality thing) they over-played it if you ask me...also a lot of the cut shots seemed so late 1990s - it didnt really move me. i really loved the little actress who played Bella - she was exactly how i pictured Bella in my head, which is always lovely when that works out...and also the actor who played Jacob was exactly perfect for my imaginary casting. I keep winding back and forth between this being the best thing for pre-teen and teen girls and the absolutely worst thing. i mean - i just finished the last book and it was a little over 750 pages. my 15 year old niece read it...all of it...all of them. i dont recall reading any book that long in high school...or being so excited about a book at that age. plus i am tending to think that Bella is like every hormonal teeange girl's BEST friend. she makes every decision based on emotion pretty much but her consequence ends up being immortality - go figure. anwyay - i am still trying to make up my mind about the series, but they have been absolute brain candy and fun to imagine!

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JJ said...

that dude is HOT!!!