Saturday, December 13, 2008


i love this cat. anyone who has met this cat and especially spent the night at our house has been fortunate enough to know the BBQ...he is "special" - we can't ever be mad at this cat despite his annoying 6:00 a.m. wake up meows and the fact that he eats EVERYTHING. this is why. i wish we would've waited to do christmas cards, because this would have been it. Bryson finished his breakfast early this morning and ran in to tell us "I gotta show you something" which is usually something that he did that he knew he shouldn't...i.e. pine sol on the wall or crayon on the wall, or a broken ornament, or scissors lying somewhere...or...or...or...anyway i follow him into what we call the "godfather room" and there is BBQ seriously trying to get comfortable in our "godfather tree" - like he really wants to nap there in between the bubble lights. that is why we love him.


Anonymous said...

I miss bubble lights. Glad to see you continuing their retro roots. I've had kittens in trees..but never a cat. Too cute

JJ said...

freaking awesome.