Sunday, December 21, 2008

still waiting...

i just looked at my phone, which i don't seem to care to answer these days very much, and i think i have about 5 voicemails i havent even listened to please do not be offended if you have left a message and it is unanswered. i just wanted to let you all know that i am still here...still with child and starting to get very VERY ready to have this baby. i began waddling today, so i know i am close, but as to how close i have no idea. i am trying to maintain a semblance of patience and take into account the 9 lessons and carols from our church service today and adapt a spirit of waiting...what a great reminder to me especially! i am very blessed to have both my mom and bryan's parents here to care for me, bryson and my house - i have been spoiled with amazing home-cooked meals by Candis - lentil soup, chicken soup, a swedish feast, prime rib, roast, and sandwiches and crepes and oh my i miss my mom! and today Kathy made her Sunday spaghetti...and to top it off - i havent had to clean a single feels so good to be cared for - nothing like mothers! but i am doing okay...trying to walk as much as i can and be as active as i can, but mostly i am trying to keep my mind off of things because i am really trying hard to keep my mind focused. thank you to all of you who are checking in with me and care about us and are keeping us in your prayers - i covet them all i truly do. if you want to be notified as to when i am in labor - shoot me an email or post a comment and i will make sure bryan sends a text when everything starts so that you can start praying! and i will of course have bryan post a picture up as soon as he can after our little one arrives. thank you and love you all and hope your advent season is filled with longing and hope as well!

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Julia said...

Please count us as people who want news asap! We are so excited for you and will be praying! What a blessing advent is; I think of you each Sunday!
Lots of love,
Julia (and Eric too)