Wednesday, November 26, 2008

i was tagged

the person who tagged me was late on posting their tag, and i guess i followed suit...i was just reminded by reading a similar post...i was tagged by Whitney the creator of some beautiful jewery (hey...just in time for a holiday plug) Bel Kai Designs. The challenge is to share 7 facts about yourself...let me just grab a cup of coffee first...okay here goes...
1. i grew up on a farm...ish in yorba linda (i think barn, corral, horses, goats, chickens, ducks, tractors count as farm right?)
2. i have a strong loathing for ann hathaway for no good reason...just the mention of her name makes me mad
3. i had my day as a swing dancer and have a super small appearance in Truman Show (dont look too closely for me - you'll get dizzy)
4. i am a registered libertarian and closet conspiracy theorist and still think my name is on a list somewhere and freak out every time i go the airport (there was also a year in college in which i was certain taxi cabs were following me, but that is a different story for a different time)
5. cilantro, horseradish and wasabi all gross me out but i wish they didnt...dont hate on me for this one - i have tried...believe me i have tried...
6. i still think that Blame It on the Rain is a good song
7. i am planning a home birth and its just about all i think about lately - i can't wait to meet this boy!


Whitney Hannah Hill said...

That was a fun read - you're hysterical! It's fun learning quirky facts about friends. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

JJ said...

I remember lip syncing Milli Vanilli with you on the pool table in the game room with the pool sticks as our microphones!!!