Friday, December 12, 2008

Bettie Page dies at 85

I just read in the paper that Bettie Page died today at 85 - the news story is here for all the details. I have always been a pin-up girl fan since my high school days, but Bettie scared me with her whips and leather until i saw the documentary of her in 1998 - Bettie Page: Pin-Up Queen - it was so interesting if you have never seen it. In fact, it was the last time she allowed an interview. She wouldnt show her face, so the interview is kinda from the back of her chair...she didn't want people to photograph her in her old age - she wanted people to remember her when she was young and smokin hot...anyway - it intrigued me because both that documentary and the movie in 2005 that Gretchen Mol played her in - The Notorious Bettie Page - that she really didnt have an agenda with the bondage and racy stuff she did. She didnt think she was doing anything wrong - she truly thought she was making people happy. She also had no problem with nudity - she even told Hugh Hefner in 2005 that she never felt shame with posing nude - that it was how the good Lord made us...i found it fascinating that here is someone that feminists have upheld as "paving the way" for women to express themselves and she viewed it as no more than a paying job...much better pay than a secretary's wage. Anyway after that I thought she was just great because the idea of someone so innocent and carefree with a whip just made me smile a little...I will miss Bettie Page in this world for that reason!

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