Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy St. Lucia Day

Today is Dec. 13th...also known as St. Lucia Day - click here for more information because i know you are curious about is making me miss my mother like crazy - but i only have to delay the celebration a couple days since she is attempting to come on the 15th. Hopefully i can convince her to make her Swedish T-Ring and some other goodies! The holiday brings back nightmares of the lighted candles dripping hot wax on my head and then my mom finally found an electric wreath (i believe in solvang - mecca of scandanavian goods for californians) - can you see the fear on my face in the first picture? you dont even want to know the amount of tantrums and i presume bribing since now i am a parent myself and know all too well the tricks parents use to inflict torture on their offspring. We always celebrated in our families that the eldest daughter was St. Lucia - a charge that i quickly outgrew and wished upon my younger sister, however she never had to endure the "real" wreath, which always made me a little bitter. After we were both grown they passed the torch to our niece Katlyn and now that she has outgrown it (14 is waaay to cooool for being st. lucia) Hope, her younger sister, is now our little St. Lucia. I hope that one day i have my own little St. Lucia to torture, but until then I will force poor Bryson and the "new one" and my dear Husband to endure Swedish Festivals and family traditions...and although he jokes about it, i know Bryan is starting to fall in love with the holiday too...or maybe its just my mom's T-Ring. Either way - this is a special day for many Swedes who covet what little light they have and their St. Lucia helps to bring some very needed lifting of winter spirits.

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