Monday, October 13, 2008

somebody stop me...

seriously...this is a little ridiculous i think. i mean - i first had the excuse that so-and-so is having a baby girl and so-and-so is turning one and would look so cute in this...but i had no excuse for this one, except that jena gave me amy butler's new book - little stitches for little ones - and i loved this one...this little kimono outfit. although - i must say that this particular pattern could be unisex...if i owned ANY boy or gender neutral fabric it could...i'm just wasn't in vain - i just need to get some boy fabric...cause we all know what amazing selection they have there. anyway - the difficulty level was 2 and it was a pretty simple pattern. i saved a lot of time by using double fold bias tape (thank you rashelle) but the pants mixed me up a bit. i think they should have been the easy part, but because i am so used to my own pattern and way of doing pants that this one had me all confused. i don't know if they will actually be functional until i get them on a 12 month old

i am still amazed when i do a pattern and it resembles the picture in any way. i am still learning how to do patterns and follow directions - it is tough for me and i find that once i do them once or twice i kind of tend to make up my own way of doing it anyway, but they help me to learn more about sewing, which is very needed since i am such a novice.

anyway - check out our shop this month - friendkidly - we are going to updating it with more only problem is getting pictures up there that dont look like a second grader took them. we will keep you posted....

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KJ said...

Double fold bias tape saved my LIFE in college! I hate hate hate finishing edges and it always took absolutely forever!

I'm not a fan of patterns either. I'd much rather make my own. Once you do it a couple times you'll be able to look at a picture and make it come to life =)