Sunday, October 12, 2008

long beach marathon

i am so proud of my boys! bryson ran his first race today (he beat daddy's first race age by 2 years!) he ran the kids mile fun run today at the l.b. marathon while bryan ran the half marathon and made his best 1/2 marathon time (because he wasnt running with me) and beat 2 hours. have i mentioned that he hasn't trained at all and has been sick for the past 3 weeks and hacking out all sorts of ugliness? well...for your sake i won't go there, but he finished strong and ran a good race and so did our little guy... i was really proud of him. he ran the ENTIRE time. well...almost the entire time...reference the picture of him standing solo with his head down...refusing to move...with only about .10 of a mile to go. we told him he wouldnt get his medal if he didnt keep moving, so that motivated him - that and the fact that i couldn't carry him. at one point a policeman on a motorcycle escorted him and he thought he was super cool. but he wasnt a fan of the people cheering him - i dont know if he quite understood - i think he may have thought they were laughing at is kind of wierd when you think about it - strangers smiling and clapping for you when you are just doing what you do every day - RUN like crazy. he may have been last place, but i didn't see any other 2 year olds in the race, so maybe he got first in his age group! anyway - i am proud of you guys!

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