Thursday, October 16, 2008

Boo-Boos & Bugs

bryson got hurt yesterday during his *way too short* time with Mor-Mor...he opened a sliding door on his right pinky and smashed it...he'll probably lose the fingernail...the funny thing is that his other pinky nail just grew back a couple months ago from slamming it in a door as well. the other funny thing is that this past 2 months i have had to ask myself whether or not to take him in to see the doctor way too many times. he was stung by a bee last month on his finger - this was also the second time he was stung by a bee...also on the finger the first time. a couple weeks ago i watched in sheer terror as his fever reached 105.7 degrees and teetered on whether to let the tylenol do its magic or bring him in right away to avoid seizures. again, this wasn't the first time i saw this boy get staggering high fevers...he has prepped me pretty well for having another boy i guess. we have been to the ER 3 times with him...and probably should have gone another 5 times, but luckily my sister is a PA and calls me back right away...poor Sara - she is forever our family doctor now...but what i love about that is she isnt worried about us suing her, so she can give me a straight answer on you realize how wonderful that is for a mom to hear? the truth? people don't give truths anymore...they cover their butts...anyway, i was reflecting today as i watched him fall off his scooter onto the concrete and jump off the park structure that he has gone through a lot this past 2 months and i suppose subsequently so have bryan and i, but he is a trooper and even let bryan pop his blood blister last night, which i dont think i would let anyone do - even for a candy corn...

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