Friday, October 10, 2008

1000th marathon

the long beach marathon is coming up this weekend...i am a little jealous of everyone running - i am really missing it about now - really missing exercising in general (a cramp that persists has kept me from really any exercise since i was 3 1/2 months along) - bryan will be participating, but since his running partner (me :) ) has been down he has not trained at last weekend he upped and ran 10 miles and hated life for a couple of days. i even miss the aches...i think i should go to runners anonymous because perhaps i am a bit addicted...any way. the press telegram ran a story this morning about a 61 year old that is going to be in the L.B. marathon this weekend and it will be his 910th that is over 26.2 miles since 1993. he runs in races every weekend - multiple ones usually on the weekends and runs ultras as well (over 50 miles).

his name is Dharam "Paul" Piplani and what he said is what truly inspired me this morning. "I never, ever believe you cannot overcome any hurdle in life." the article also says that, "he reminds himself 'the flesh is dumb' and the mind can push the body to accomplish any goal." I found this so true in running - the battle between your psyche and your body. many times when we give up it is not our bodies that can't handle it - its our minds. running helps you to not only train your body to do amazing things, but your mind also gets a workout because you stretch your limits each time and prove to yourself that you can go faster, longer or uphill for 20 miles!!!

this especially is on my mind since i am preparing myself for a natural childbirth. i know that my body can do it - obviously - it was made to do it, but the prepping comes with prepping your mind for the pain. you are right dharam piplani...the flesh is dumb...but the mind is even dumber that it can trick us into thinking we can not do something that we were made for!

good luck to all you runners this weekend and don't listen to that nagging voice on mile 22 that is telling you to sit down and take a nap! you can do it!

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