Tuesday, October 14, 2008

breakfast bliss

i heard a mom speak about dinner with her family the other day and it made me feel a twinge of guilt. it is difficult with our schedules to have an actual sit down dinner with the 3 of us at this point, however, we do manage to start our days together most mornings. i realized this morning how thankful i am for those precious minutes in the a.m. bryson is uncharacteristically sweet in the morning. he wakes up exclaiming, "its a sunny day!" even when it isn't. its nice that God gave me a positive waker, because that is a struggle for me. i know that baby on the way will shake schedules up a bit, but i am hopeful to make it to the table on most mornings. i am hoping that some day family time will also be dinner time and actual conversation (although with 3 boys and me...who knows!) but for the time being i am thankful for our mornings!

PS - bryan did the eggs...he is amazing with eggs. i can not make a sunny side up egg to save my life and look how cartoon-like these look...i am truly blessed!

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