Sunday, October 19, 2008

beer, spiders and pumpkins oh my!

this weekend was somewhat eventful, but absolutely wonderful. all 3 of us got to do things that we each love - bryan=golf / carlee=sew in peace / bryson=jacuzzi - plus we had friends over and wonderful adult conversation...which doesn't happen as often as one with children would like and so when one can achieve it - its like a tall glass of water i guess. sunday we went to church and truly rested...i even got to nap by myself (gasp).

after a long hiatus i started brewing again thanks to rebecca who, along with her husband john, came over on saturday to help with a special christmas brew (its a secret...since they are presents so i'll just have to tell you later what kind of hops i used etc max!). anyway - it was definitely the best brewing experience i have had - i am hoping that reflects in the beer. bryson and their son asher played the entire 4 or 5 hours and no was amazing to me that bryson is old enough to have a friend over to play somewhat unsupervised...i dont think i ever thought that day to come...the beer looked and smelled delicious and i think the invented triple filtering technique shown here will prove successful!

at the end of the evening the boys discovered a huge spider in our backyard and bryan was able to get some amazing pictures of it...thanks to the amazing internet i was able to find out it is an orb weaving spider and thankfully not poisonous. bryan threw an unsuspecting roly-poly into its web and we watched it roll it up and have a late night snack. i had never seen a spider do that in person and it was truly amazing. like many instances with children, having a son who is obsessed with spiders has opened my eyes to their amazing world. i get excited too when i see a beautiful web or a big spider -plus they are unavoidable right now and everywhere...especially at this house!

the spiders might think its fall, but the weather around here hasn't been in the mood i guess. still in the 80s all week long and looking like it will continue through next week is really bumming me out...i love fall and although all my efforts to bring about sweater weather as evidenced by my fireplace mantle and current baking obsession - there is no respite from this heat wave. i haven't let it stop me from roasting everything...from chicken to pumpkins. i had to try this pumpkin bread - amazing. her banana bread was amazing and the pumpkin bread. i opted not to add the hazelnuts and raisins and i think i made the right choice for my family...odd textures in bread do not seem to fare well.

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