Monday, January 7, 2013

Some Documentary Recommendations

I love learning. I loved school. Sometimes I write essays for fun...if that makes me a geek, than I am happily a geek! When I am in the car I prefer to listen to NPR (PRX preferred) than music. When I watch a movie, I love a good documentary. These documentaries I have watched lately and have spawned the most amazing conversations - with both my husband, whom I watched them with, but also friends, family and strangers as great conversation fodder. I had to share in case you also like a good documentary!

1. Happy - We just watched this one and i HIGHLY recommend. I hadn't looked at happiness as something lacking, i guess i always viewed it as an emotion, rather than a state of being - but this movie explores the notion in such tangible ways - very interesting and uplifting!

2. Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry - This one is about the controversial Chinese artist - Ai Weiwei. My husband had read something about Ai Weiwei and was telling me about him - about him destroying neo-lithic vases as a statement and some of his other installation pieces. He intrigued me, so we watched this documentary. We had the most engaging conversation about art - what it is, what it should be - where it is going. This man is truly remarkable - and I believe his voice should be heard!

3. The Other F-Word - A documentary about Punk Rockers who are now fathers. I loved this one - I think they did such a great job exploring the dilemma that faces fathers who on one hand believe in the punk rock philosophy and make a living off of it, while on the other hand try to raise a respectful child in the other. Very (surprisingly) moving!

4. First Position - about the competitive world of ballet and the process to get into a position with a company. I loved this one not only because I love dance and ballet, but also because it raises some good ideas and questions about putting your child through a competitive process like this - also good conversation fodder!!!

5. American Teacher- This explores how America values teachers - namely about money and how much they make, but also other factors too. I found it very interesting - also interested to know about charter programs that are challenging this notion.

6. Eames: The architect and painter - I am intrigued at artists like Eames and Warhol, who cross over mediums and explore new ways to showcase their art and message. They are the leaders of todays "branding" and "lifestyle" notions. Very interesting! 

Happy Watching and Happy Learning!

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the Blah Blah Blahger said...

I've wanted to watch First Position for a while've juse convinced me to watch in on demand!

Also, the Other F Word sounds right up my alley. Will definitely check that one out!