Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jen Johnson Photography - Little Rascal Family Photshoot

I am so happy to finally share these AMAZING photos my very talented cousin Jen of Jen Johnson Photography took for us a month ago. I love every photo so much - I know she is my cousin and all, but you guys - she is really the reason each of these came out so effortless looking. I was not feeling 100%, plus getting all the kids in costume and trying to get myself somewhat presentable was challenging. bryson did not want to wear his costume again and was particularly pouty that day. by the time we got there i just felt so not inspired, but somehow Jen pulled it out of us and managed to capture these great shots.

Our family dressed up as Little Rascals for Halloween and I wanted to make sure to get some good photos of them in their costumes before they grew out of them...i only managed to take one (horrible) picture on Halloween. I just loved all their little outfits so much. especially that Bobby (Spanky) fitting!

Anyway - if you are thinking about doing a family shoot you need to call Jen Johnson Photography! She is the best in the world...seriously! Thanks Jen - you are amazing!

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