Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cool Kid Places - LA Zoo

Can you believe we live so close (less than 30 minutes on a traffic free highway) to the LA Zoo and had not been? We have been to the OC Zoo, the Santa Ana Zoo, the San Diego Zoo, but never LA. Part of it could be that it takes a lot of convincing my husband to voluntarily drive into LA...we lived there before moving to Long Beach and our business is still situated there and my husband still auditions there, so the glamour and appeal of LA is all but gone in our lives...still...we found ourselves taking the week of New Years off and wanted to do some home-town exploring, so off to the zoo. And you guys, I loved it! Such a great little zoo! I loved the walking path - loved the size of it - loved that there wasnt obnoxious vendors everywhere...the food wasnt bad either! I highly recommend it if you were thinking of checking it out. My husband gave Bryson some lessons with the good camera, so I am not sure which of these shots were taken by my husband, or my 7 year old...but above were some of my favorites of the day.

Also - if you are wanting to make a day out of it (We spent about 3 hours at the zoo and that was plenty) there are several other kid-friendly spots around the Zoo. The Zoo is inside Griffith Park, which also has a ton of park area, the Observatory, tons of hiking trails (of which some have spectacular city views and views of the "Hollywood" sign), Travel Town museum, horseback riding and tons more!

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