Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Vintage Backyard Picnic Baby Shower











My baby sister is having a baby...and a baby girl, no less! There is a lot of excitement around here. I am so beyond thrilled to meet sweet Riley. Lord knows this family needs some girls! I am going to share more about the shower on our family blog, but thought here would be a good place to share some of the details about party particulars.

Not sure if the correct theme was backyard picnic (since we weren't sitting on the ground) or maybe it should have been Vintage Floral...anyway - this is the third or fourth party i have thrown with a similar theme, since it is the only things i have in ways of tablecloths, etc to throw a party.

The day was so lovely - plenty of shade thanks to our pine trees...of which i am grateful because i did not want to have to get a bunch of umbrellas! and plenty of lovely ladies around...and the food was pretty delicious and simple - chicken salad sandwiches, fruit, spinach salad and caprese. We ordered small desserts from Sweet and Saucy and I tried about 3 different ones and they were all amazing!

My sister's best friend from college - Liz helped me throw the shower and it is always so nice to attempt something like this with a partner. I did get a few things in preparation for the party - all of which were purchased at thrift stores. I would pick up white salad plates whenever i saw them at a thrift store - they are usually .50 - $1 and usually better quality than if i were to go to IKEA and get all matching ones. I also found the sweetest eclectic mix of vintage napkins at the Assistance League Thrift Store on 4th st. The Coleman Dispenser was also a thrift find at $5 - so was the mustard yellow cooler (it leaks but it held the ice the entire party pretty good!). The flowers for the most part are all in vintage blue mason jars, which was a flea market find. The tablecloths come from various places - I realize that there aren't any really good shots of them but the one on the table on the far left was from a thrift store, the middle was from a flea market and the one on the right was from Etsy.

It was so fun to find little treasures for this party. it has been a while since i have been on a good thrifting hunt! on one of my adventures i found something pretty special...i will have to share it with you soon (it deserves its own post...trust)

The pictures in order:
a. The table all set
b. Finishing touches
c. in case you want to take a nap!
d. Bevvies - home-made beer, lemonades and wine
e. Thank you notes that people addressed and more wine
f. gettin fed
g. the lovely mama to be and her big sister
h. action shot
i. the onesie crafting table
j. The Riley banner i made using my yellow scraps

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