Friday, June 15, 2012

Urban Foraging - Blackberry Picking

(I am pre-dating this post since I forgot to post about it last June and want to remember for next year!)

Right when school got out this year we went to the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary to pick some of their blackberry bushes that are growing wildly. We had quite the group and it was so much fun to send the kiddos out to help us collect blackberries - hello child labor! love it! my kids got a little bored after a while, but i was on a mission to get enough to make some jam, so maybe next year there will be more focus...i was only able to get enough to make about 4 cups worth. So yummy though! home-made blackberry jam is my fave!

Apparently these bushes are planted to attract certain kinds of birds for the bird refuge nearby. We got there a little late in the season - it would probably be best to go early June and we will definitely be going again next year- i am all about free produce :)

mom, can i stop now? no...

This tree made me laugh

the ongoing bushes

the free labor

Loving Friends

the bounty

the jam

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