Monday, June 4, 2012

Cabrillo Tide Pools

Last week I went on my son's Kindergarten field trip to the Cabrillo Tide Pools (in San Pedro, CA). I had taken the boys there myself a year ago, but i went to the wrong was good to see the correct area to go to and also get to learn a little more about them. i pick his field trips completely selfishly :) Field trips are also tricky - i must say - i have to do it during my work day, which means i have to be answering texts and emails and i felt bad, but at the same time - its the only way i can be there...i limited my phone time to bus and lunch, but still. bryson didnt want to sit with me on the bus by the way...pshaw...whatevs...

anyway - so i went on this field trip - turns out the whole thing was outside. the kids went through stations and learned about marine life, grunions (the grunions do their infamous run around this time every year at the beach the kids were fact they are supposed to be doing their thang tomorrow! Info HERE) - it was cool...but the coolest part was when they gave them each a little jar with sand and they filled it halfway with water and swirled it around and hatched little baby grunions! i thought it was pretty cool...i kept asking bryson if i could have a turn...

after the learning part - they had the option to either explore the tide pools or tour the aquarium...i am so glad his teacher decided to check out the tide pools - it was by far the coolest part! we found big crabs, sea urchins, sea stars, anemones...and it was gorgeous out there! i just finished reading this fantasy book, and i couldnt help thinking how other-worldly this place was...the landscape of it all was just so captivating!

the field trip actually consisted of a kinder class and a 5th grade class. they have paired up with a 5th grader all year as their reading buddy...and i was so impressed with the 5th graders. such neat kids - they really took their job of looking after their buddy seriously. they would not let them leave their side on the rocks and they were so kind and helpful and encouraging! i told the teacher i loved them and she agreed she had a pretty special class.

I would definitely recommend going - especially around this time of year as well. The aquarium is free, but they suggest a donation and the tide pools can be found (if facing the aquarium) off of the big rocks to the left and back of the museum.

Pictures in order:
1. The Tide Pools
2. Bryson and his reading buddy checking out the crabs
3. Hatching grunion eggs
4. Reading Buddies!
5. Pretty colors in the Tide Pools

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