Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Custom Ladybug

i made this pink ladybug for a special little lady and made an extra for the shop since i have had people ask me before about pink ladybugs...

i had been waiting to post this until i had a better model...because i think an angry boy in a pink ladybug is probably not the best, but i had to create the link in my shop since people had been asking and needed a placeholder...so here you go. mad boy bug..."who ya calling a lady?" i keep thinking about that movie and giggling to myself...

available now in the shop - only one available (AA discontinued this color so i only have a handful) American Apparel size 6, which fits a size 3/4 (my model wears 5/6 normally, so you can see the fit is a bit tight)

i promise you bryson that i will grab the next little girl who comes over and bribe them to take a picture for me so i can replace this one! thank you for humoring your mom!

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