Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pants, Bribery and Seam Allowances

i have not been sewing much...or, rather, not much more than zoodies...and there are a cajillion things that i had been meaning to make - for birthdays and new babies and my babies and the stack just kept piling and piling...well that whole designating time thing has actually been working for me. it has both helped me actually start crossing stuff off my list (and removing from my pile) and it has helped me not feel depressed i am not getting it done...because i know it will...when it is the right time. i can't really explain why this whole "aha" moment i had has completely changed things around for me, but it has...and i am such a better wife/mom/person because of it. dont get me is still HARD...i would be lying if i tried to make it sound simple...but when your outlook is good, things are easier to handle...or people, rather...or these little people - our terrible roommates as bryan and i like to joke.

my husband plays in a golf league thing on monday nights, so i designated that time to sewing/crafting. i have also been making use of the littler boys' nap times and got to sewing. true carlee form...i sat down to do the stuff on my know that stuff i had been complaining all about...and then saw this fabric i ordered a while ago for who what and they were just screaming at me to make some pants. I used the Quick Change Trouser pattern from Handmade Beginnings. i love these pants. they take a lot of fabric, but they are reversible and darling and i love how Anne Marie put this pattern together - the pants appear like magic - they were quite fun to fun i made 2 for bobby and one for bodie. i was super duper proud of myself too while sewing these - its been a while since i sewed from a new pattern and i actually followed the directions all the way through and even followed the seam allowances...i usually never do...which maybe i shouldnt admit, but seriously i am like a walking billboard for someone who thinks they cant sew - do it - you couldnt be much worse than me...but this time i did follow them and everything came together so perfectly i do believe i want to sew like this more often!

they are quite darling, no? only the 24 month pattern doesnt really fit this 30 month old...and also he HATES them.

no seriously...HATES them...i showed them to him after i made them so excited and he fell to the floor a cartoon character...he doesnt want to wear the pants he tells me...i said okay and put them away and tried a couple days later...same reaction...then just to snap a picture of them i bribed him with a gummy vitamin...bwah hahaha...(that is my evil mom laugh i reserve for tricking my children into something good for them). so these may just become a birthday present least i have one that doesnt have an opinion yet...or lacks the ability to state his opinion at least.

This is bodie...i gotta go pee mom...still working on the whole going into the bathroom before you get your equipment ready thing...

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