Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The food table (which wasn't complete at the time this photo was taken - holy yummy food!)

Sara-Britt, Hope and I made home-made strawberry jam as favors for the guests

Our patio all dressed up

My glass jar collection filled with pretty flowers

Crepe Bar and Make Your Own Yogurt Parfait Bar...Yummers!

The Bride To Be (2nd from the Right) and her mother and future MIL and family friends

Pretty vases made from pear jars

More food shots

Last weekend my sister hosted a bridal shower for her soon to be sister-in-law Stephanie at our house. My sister threw me a baby shower when i was pregnant with Bobby on my lawn with a yummy brunch and it ended up being one of the nicest showers i have had, so we wanted to re-create that vibe for Stephanie. A blessing with her friends and family...and amazing food doesnt hurt!

but man oh man...was it hot! for long was like 90 degrees...which is hot here...and my house has no A/C and the oven was on...and the stove...and even in the shade i was sweating. but it turned out so lovely and so many women remarked how nice it was to enjoy time together not filled with activities...i agree! such a nice lovely girly time together.

the theme was strawberries and i thought Sara did such an amazing job not getting lost in the theme, but nodding to it...strawberry spinach salad, strawberry shortcake and a whole lot of sliced strawberries to put in yogurt or strawberry lemonade and some yummy adult beverages as well.

Remember this post? i have been obsessing over those hanging vases and wanted to re-create the look, so i have been saving old pear jars from Trader Joe's (my boys LOVE pears...and they help keep you regular, so i love them too) for a while now and got some twine and a super glue gun and went to town on them. it turned out even better than i imagined and i have been enjoying them being up all weekend long.

despite the heat, it was a lovely day and i think the bride-to-be was super happy with her (soon to be) SIL's outpouring of love. and i was super happy with my sister's cleaning of all the dishes ;) anytime you want to have a party here sara...just let me know!

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