Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Corners of our Home - Where we sleep!

i don't know what my problem is...but every year it gets worse and worse...my obsession with bedding. one of my favorite things is slipping into bed into clean sheets. it is one of the most soothing things after a long day on my feet to slip into a comfy bed and *finally* exhale. i also get bored very very easily with my bed spread - it changes now like once a year. i'm not promising this will stay, but it is making my heart so happy right now that it just might last more than a year.

i have been looking for a vintage quilt for a while. i have sorta picky tastes and don't care too much for anything too flowery or girly...which pretty much counts out more than 89% of vintage quilts. we made it out to the flea market last sunday (bobby had a little cold so we ditched church) and i saw this quilt hanging when we first came in and my heart swooned. i asked the vendor how much and it was a lot more than i wanted to pay...but totally what it was worth...retail...but i don't want to go to the flea market and pay retail!

i tried to give it up...but found myself obsessing over it during our whole trip. i couldnt let it go and the whole time kept thinking how sad i would be if we left and it was gone...so to my delight i saw it still there at the end and squealed a little. my husband the amazing barterer asked me how much i wanted to pay and i told him and then like 2 minutes later he came back with my quilt! what? he is magic...that and it was the end of the day and people were starting to pack up...which is the 2nd best time to go to the flea market.

i am so in love and love how i can totally the look of the bed around with different pillows and maybe a throw. The underside of the quilt is exceptionally gorgeous too, and a couple times i have turned it around and kept the bed made that way as well.

i know that the pattern is rather bold and perhaps not to everyone's liking, but it is just about perfect to me. yay for flea market finds!

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