Monday, August 29, 2011


if you are a young lady and you come spend the night at my house (of boys). i just may make you a top to wear and braid your hair and make you help me cook and take you shopping.

meet hope - my adorable niece. she comes and helps her poor auntie out with all her *crazy* boys. it is such a joy to have her here. truly. she is like a big exhale. a big breathy lovely exhale. she and i have a lot in common and she gets excited about things like making strawberry jam and sewing pillowcases and baking cookies and reading (we have had a little book club of sorts...her and i...since she and i enjoy the same books...hunger games!!! twilight!!!) Hope is 13 and has an older sister Katlyn, who is now 17 and at one time used to do the same...but now there are boys and friends and events and maybe the prospect of hanging out and watching 3 crazy kids isn't on everybody's top 5 to do list. what? really? okay...whatever...i so was like that at 17 too...i get it. but Hope is young enough to where she does still enjoy it...and i have already made them both promise to invite me when they go wedding dress shopping. and in turn i will leave them all my jewelry when i die. (little do they know my jewelry consists of forever 21 and H&M baubles)

i made this top about a year ago...using Lotta Jansdotter's book, Simple Sewing for Baby - i cant recall if it was me that messed up or what, but it was supposed to be for a size 4T. i really loved it though and knew i would find the perfect little girl to wear it...and bonus! she loved it!

now i need to re-work the pattern to make one to fit me!

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