Sunday, April 3, 2011

who do my kids think they are?

that title probably doesn't come across in the tone i was intending...i was more thinking of a spin-off title from this show: Who Do You Think You Are on NBC.

i love this show. i have watched every episode so far. my favorite ones are Sarah Jessica Parkers (and her hubby's was amazing too) and Everett Smith's. is the get my kids to try more tasty (read: garlic laden dinners) my husband would tell bryson (our oldest who is 5) that he should like it because he is Italian. he says it often enough that the other day when we were eating pasta bryson says, "I love this because I am Italian...what are you mom?" I explained that I am Swedish...almost 100% swedish...which makes him more Swedish than Italian..thank you very much. Bryan then launched into an explanation of how Daddy is Black and Italian and Mommy is Swedish, so Bryson is all of those things. He said, "That is why you aren't as dark as Daddy and you aren't as white as Mommy" ( be fair...90% of humans are darker than Mommy...but whatever). Anyway - we both realized in that small moment that maybe since he is getting older he might need to know a little about heritage.

I am realizing that a lot of my family traditions of celebrating St. Lucia Day and Name Day are special, but we also need to honor Bryan's heritage as well. I think the show has given me a desire to look more into my family and his to teach stories of our ancestors to our kids.

Usually in the show the celebrity starts with a family rumor then goes on a journey to confirm or deny that rumor...there is one particular story in my mother's family I would love to find out...

I was always told the story that my Great Great (?) Grandfather was the bastard son of the King of Sweden, and because the King wouldn't grant any parental rights, my GGG Grandmother emigrated to the States to start over since her son was ridiculed for being fatherless. Apparently the King would travel around if he had to stay the night at a home it was customary for the Father to offer his Daughter to keep the King company...if you know what I mean...which is how my GG Grandfather was allegedly produced.

Bryan calls me his bastard princess...i love it :)

I also am super curious about Bryan's heritage - both the African American side and the Sicilian side. he has some interesting stories too about his Italian side, involving Al Capone...and his African American side is somewhat of a mystery since his dad's mother is somewhat estranged from the family.

But it is all prepping me for a journey to look into all the pieces that make up our genetic puzzle of a family and the show is really encouraging me to delve further!

Where would YOU start?

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