Friday, April 29, 2011

Another Book Review - Tina Fey, Bossypants

so, like you, i love tina fey...what? you don't like her? what-ever...just are entitled to your "opinion". but if a supremely right wing libertarian can enjoy some tina fey than you should too...just sayin..

well...good thing we got rid of those tina fey hatin' people huh? (insert fist bump)

so my book review is not a very in depth review, more of a - read this book - its freakin hilarioius!

i was a little confused at first because i thought it would be about her in a male dominated business...yahda yahda yahda... but if you haven't read it, you should more read it like a series of freakin hilarious essays...

my favorite quote:

"the days are short and the years are long"
- stay at home moms and prostitues

and i dont want to go too in depth because it may or may not sway you to read the the way - read the book!!! but i particularly love the way she talks about breastfeeding and being a working mom....

in one chapter she talks about the most annoying question "how do you juggle it all?" and she makes a snide comment about the accuser asking what is falling in the wayside...i particularly fell in love and made out with that chapter. not like i am a "true" working mom...i would consider myself a part-time working mother...but lets all be honest here...can we all be honest here? thanks...for that...i get the whole jugglin thing a lot and it annoys me as husband and i chose to be part time parents together and there is not a whole lot of people who understand that....but i do have to say that she makes a good point of wanting the dream and the snobs who try to de-rail that dream...

did i dissuade you on reading this book yet? i hope not...let me end this book review on saying - you will laugh you out loud!! she is a BRILLIANT writer....i hope to be half the voice she make my writing feel like conversation like she it...gum darn it!

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