Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Leo" The Lion Zoodie...or...The Zoodie that Grew a Tail!

i know...i know...i said i wouldn't put tails on them...i turned down everyone's suggestion at tails.."too costumey" well...guess what...i sold out...but i put that little bunny tail on the bunny and it was so cute with bobby crawling around - gave a little fun to the back!

i have only ever sold 2 lions. this is a problem because American Apparel no longer sells the toddler sweatshirt in yellow, so i bought some and needed to make them cute to actually sell. i didn't want to do a chicken, so here we are. so i thought to revamp my lion and see what happens...what do you think?

see the original lion here

i only have this style in size 18 months (or American Apparel size 2 -i have 2 of those) and (pictured here) size 4 (or American Apparel size 6)

let me know your honest thoughts. bryan was not thrilled with the brown belly and tail...but i wanted to match the mane...i still have two blank size 18 months i could turn into a different yellow animal...thoughts?

also..why is it that my 5.5 year old and my 2 year old can wear the same sweatshirt?

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