Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Love It! Spring Edition

  1. Love this idea for a sweet little birdie!

2.  Happy Art

3. Beautiful Spring Lookbook from Beth!

4. Of course I need some Spring Dresses! Like this one (goodness, i need a vintage hawaiian dress, don't you?)...or this one...or this one...

5. My little golfers need some sweet threads! Cutest little golf line!

6. Beautiful Necklace!

7. The Sweetest Little Bunny Ever!

8. I am in love with this little kids retro patio table and chairs set at Lowes!

9.  Lovin' Some Spring Leggings

10. Thinking of some perty cute little outfits for Bobby B. with this fabric!

so nice to daydream! happy Spring folks!

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Anonymous said...

This is so Awesome Carlee! Love the site and all the items!