Monday, April 11, 2011

Artsy Antlers DIY





Done! Thanks Jake for the darling self-portrait!
i am so proud of this DIY folks...because it was truly a DIY for me...and it involved power tools...which, by the not my specialty...that is, if you don't consider a sewing machine a power tool...but perhaps it should be...which is the topic of a different post entirely!

the story starts with me wanting some antlers. actually, it starts with me really wanting a deer head, or boar's head, or any other taxidermied animal posted up...which my husband is very adverse to...turns out. but i happened to be at a flea market one sunday without my husband to tell me not to buy a pair of antlers and a couple of girlfriends encouraging me to buy said i came home with a pair of antlers and not a clue of what to do with them.

(a sidenote for all you PETA still won't like it, but i did speak with the seller of the antlers and it was his father who shot the deer and he used ALL the deer...and ate all the deer...if that makes it any better) of my girlfriends with me was searching for frames to have chalkboard paper underneath and it started the seed...i started to envision mounting these antlers on chalkboard backing and being able to draw the animal...i initially envisioned an oval gaudy wood frame that i would maybe need to spray paint gold...but after searching a dozen thrift stores i settled on this rectangle plastic gaudy frame.

so here goes the DIY

1. find your frame - whatever suits your aesthetic - modern or vintage or gaudy - you can fit it with your decor!
2. find a backing - i had to take mine to ACE - they cut a piece of plywood to exactly fit the back of my frame (and i got to keep the cost me $12.99)
3. spraypaint the back with "chalkboard spraypaint" - (do i need to add to follow the directions on the can?) i applied 3 coats...they did not have it at my local ACE, so I had to go to Home Depot- it cost around $4
4. screw the backing into the frame ( i took the original backing, made marks on my plywood with a sharpie and drilled holes accordingly, then screwed the screws in to the appropriate holes)
5. mount the antlers into the plywood (what worked best is to drill a screw from the back of the frame to the front and cover the tip of the screw with some glue and leftover fur)
6. apply the appropriate frame hanging backing ( i hung some wire from a frame hanging kit we had)
7. hang the frame (i was lucky and we already had a nail in place!)
8. draw and enjoy! (i make everyone else draw since i am artistically handicapped)

the total cost of the project: $20 for the antlers, $17 for the frame $4 for the spray paint = $41

now...friends and family can enjoy tagging your art whenever they visit!

i was missing a big art piece and i feel like it finally completes my mantle. Plus - it fulfills my longing to constantly change up the artwork - just a simple eraser and a new drawing adds new life to the mantle!

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linsey said...

SO AWESOME!!! I love it! :)