Monday, April 4, 2011

Sports Crafting

now that bodie is getting a bit older...he is also getting opinions...and man do 2 year olds have opinions! but what is fun is that he is getting excited about certain things and i love it when i can make something that any of them get excited about!

i found these striped shirts at target for $4.50...i asked bodie if he wanted mommy to make him a shirt...da! (that is his "yes"). i asked him if he wanted a baseball shirt...DAAAA! score.

it is so sweet to watch him watch bryson. he always asks for a river cat (bryson's t-ball team) shirt and river cat hat. so i made him this little shirt - right before practice tonight...took me all of 15 minutes (if you can tell...surely) but he was so excited he wanted to sleep in it tonight. which cracked me up because he has never asked for any clothes up to this point (i realize this will change!)

i also needed to personalize bryson's baseball bag since a lot of the players have the same one. i tried to embroider directly on it, but my hoop was not having it, so i did it on fabric and sewed it on instead. looking back...white was NOT the best and learn.

i have started labeling things B. Barnes...because it will easily transition :) and i am glad to have had the brain power to do this to his bag. #22 is a family number...its bryson's # now in t-ball...bryan's dad had it in football and bryan sported it, and his cousin matt also sported it on a number of teams he played on. anyway...its a i figured it may be around a while :)

it has been a little funny to me sewing sport-y things. i think i always envisioned myself sewing appliques on dance uniforms or little girl dresses, and yet - here i am a mom of 3 boys sewing baseballs on shirts and patches on t-ball outfits. it gives me such satisfaction that my boys ask me to make stuff - that just because you have boys it doesn't mean they don't appreciate home-made.

i have a feeling this isn't the last baseball shirt i make and that is just fine with this mama!

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