Thursday, January 21, 2010


so i talked a little about our closet i had to figure some stuff has been nice to start fresh - to be forced to organize things which have not been organized for years. i always thought i was an organized person, but my husband reminds me there is a big difference between being organized and liking things organized. very true. i am also fine with chaos...its my usual state of things. but it does feel nice to be organized once in a while. preferable even.  so one thing i had to figure out was bryan's growing hat and sunglass collection he has amassed since starting Pseudo Rebels...i found this great over the door cap holder and pocket organizer, which organizes not only his glasses, but all his bling and random medallions! i was very happy with this - and so was Bryan!

i also found this organizer rack to help keep our cookie sheets, trays and cutting boards from potentially falling on my head.

this amazing shelf helped us utilize this space under the sink for storage of our glass items.

sorry for the cruddy picture - my sewing was a deal - always unorganized - Bryan could not stand it - so i wanted something i could just shut on it when i wasnt using my machine - we had an odd little space in the kitchen and this cabinet from IKEA worked well!

voila! a sewing station - still a mess - but its okay cause i can just shut it back up when i am done...when i ever start...oh boy i have like a mazillion projects i need to do!

we also lacked the ample drawers we had in our old place. But its good because those drawers were always a mess and never organized and you could never easily find what you are looking for - that is why i am happy to have moved on to our utensil stand (found it at Target).

and finally - the most annoying part of the day for Bryan when he has the kids is trying to track down everyone's shoes, socks, hats, sweatshirts, etc. now we have the family superstation - everyone has their own drawer and i just need to remember to fill it with what Bryan may need so that i get pestered less to look for everything. Also shoes will hopefully religiously go there so there are no more treasure hunting for shoes happening. It is the Itso storage system and you can get it at Target. The little door hides all of Byrson's craft stuff, which is perfect for him to keep organized too!

there are many more finds, but these were some of my favorites - please let me know any other organization secrets you have - i know you got em!

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