Wednesday, January 20, 2010

long beach flea market

this post should be under "not so cool places to take kids" due to the fact that this is more of an antique/collectibles market and people have all sorts of collectors toys that they dont want kids touching...even though they were intended for kids...and the people who buy them probably do so because they remind them of being a kid...but whatever...

we visited this flea market when we first moved to los angeles...i remember we needed a book case and there was one that i liked, but they said it was $200 and Bryan tried to negotiate with them and they got was such a sharp contrast to our honeymoon in Bali, where Bryan even had the locals praising his bartering abilities. There they looked at one's ability to barter a good price as a sign of cunning and they were offended...whatever.

anyway - as i suspected we left with nothing that we came here for. in fact we went back to Ikea to pick up the rest of the things we needed. i wish i would've found what i was looking for - whatever that is...i have been scouring thrift stores, craigslist and now flea markets to pick up the furniture we need, but nothing was quite right. my favorite pieces of furniture are the ones we have picked up along the way from alleyways or thrift stores...they have so much more character...oh sad day.

even though bryson was bumming on the flea market he did manage to find these rad binoculars (can you pick up on my sarcasm?) and he did take all of these beautiful pictures...minus the one of himself of course. he wanted to blog about his flea market pictures and i thought what about this one ( of the statues - i think its so cool ) but no - he wanted to talk about the Indians...grrr...which by the way he keeps telling me at random parts of the day how i am wrong and they are really called Indians...

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