Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Move

we did it! we made it with everyone and *almost* everything in tact...we did get rid of a ton of stuff...which felt more than good to do. i feel a little lighter actually. i hope to make it an annual new years eve purge-a-thon. its amazing (especially with kids) how much stuff you tend to collect and let sit and not use. i have about 5 or 6 bins of boys clothes...both Bodie and Bryson's old clothes...and now that Bodie is wearing 2T i am going through Bryson's old stuff asking myself "why on earth did i keep this? who would actually put their kid in this stained/filthy/nasty outfit? Goodwill wouldn't even accept this!" i am learning that boys clothes are rough to use as hand-me-downs because they WEAR their clothes - OUT. When i found out i was having another boy i thought that i could spend a little more on shoes knowing that i would pass them down...that was DUMB...maybe you can do that with church shoes...NOT play shoes...NOT if you have a boy that has a magnetic connection with dirt.

I am so digressing right now...anyway - the move went well - we had the longest weekend of my life (thank heavens my mom was here to take care of the boys or else i dont know what would have happened) - packing, unpacking, making extra trips to the old house, sorting, organizing, trying to figure out where everything goes - you know - all the fun stuff of moving! i spent close to $300 at BB& Beyond getting space savers/organizers...so glad i did because it has made all the difference...but we still have a long way to go.

my next big tackle is getting my sewing stuff figured out and working...i have a lot of projects in mind for this little house and i am itching to get started!

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