Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A "B" erthday Party

i was not going to have a 1 year birthday party for Bodie. He was born Christmas Eve and the thought of cramming a birthday party in somewhere among the flood of holiday parties sounded absolutely nightmarish. Well fast forward a month after we all have had a chance to recover and add the fact that my mother was going to be in town from Colorado and you get a birthday party. We combined it with a housewarming since we just moved and plus i wanted to have an open house style of party - which worked so well. i wish every birthday party could be an open house style. such a better more manageable flow of people...

anyway...i bought this giant letter "B" about 6 years ago (before i even had my "B" boys) at a flea market and Bryan has given me trouble about it ever since...so i figured that i should have one good reason to use it and decided to theme Bodie's party as a "B" party. all the food/candy/decorations started with the letter "B" - and it was all so random! i ordered 2 huge 3' long Burritos, there was also BBQ (Brisket and Baby Back Ribs thank you!), and broccoli salad, bananas and berries and a brownies (instead of cake) and tons of B candies - baby ruth, butterfinger, black licorice, butterscotch, blow pops....and of course we had Balloons and Beach Balls and well the bunting never quite made it, but it turned out fine nonetheless!

so here are the obligatory birthday *brownie* pictures of the birthday boy - at first he was very unsure...then he became increasingly more certain...then yup...confirmed....its good!

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the BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

It was such a fun party!!! And the new house is to die for!