Wednesday, January 20, 2010

rainy day boys = muddy boys

this is what happened this morning. at which point i threw up my hands and told Bryan i would happily be in the office today thank you very much! we are hit with some crazy rain here in so cal...doesnt happen often so it is of course what everyone is talking about. we are staying dry and trying not to go crazy being cooped up all day (woe is me and our usual 70 degree weather) yesterday we built a fort and made a pretend fire and turned off all the lights and got out flashlights and i read the boys stories and we roasted pretend marshmallows...i was really trying not to turn a movie on and to do some crafts, but Bodie is not having too much of anything these days besides me...holding him...all day...all the time...when i am in the office it is hard to even leave to use the bathroom because i upset him so much if he sees me...its something i am loving/hating because it makes it extremely difficult to get anything done...but i do not want to complain at all about having a cuddle i remain conflicted.

i hope the rest of you are staying dry and being creative...

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