Monday, November 17, 2008

event-filled weekend

i am still trying to recover from this weekend, but it will most likely take me all week. we had 2 birthday parties (one for our niece Kaliya who turned 11 and one for Bryson and I), 1 wedding (Bryan's cousin Cady) and 2 baby showers (Kristie's and a surprise one for me!)

on our way back home we stopped off in santa barbara to have (we thought) a nice dinner with jeff and solera and instead walked into a room of our very awesome college friends who surprised us with a baby shower. we are so blessed to have such amazing thoughtful friends. they decorated onesies for us...some of which we can actually dress our baby in...i'll post some of my favorites later. i am still overwhelmed that they all threw it together so fast and that so many people came - we love you all!

(This pic is of the Barnes family at the wedding on Saturday...i love bryson's expression - priceless!)

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