Monday, November 10, 2008

happy birthday bryson!

my baby boy turned 3 on saturday...we had a great little get-together with family to celebrate the momentous occassion...he got all sorts of fabulous big kid toys that he is truly playing with now...maybe he will stop trying to use my desk objects now as toys...not holding my breath though! i am still not believing my son is 3...but he keeps reminding me - how do i know he is 3?
1. he asks "why" constantly
2. his imagination is overwhelmingly active
3. he is wearing big boy underwear and using the potty all by himself
4. he is able to be in a room by himself unsupervised (for at least 10 minutes)
5. he can dress himself from his shirt to his shoes
6. he can count to 10
7. he knows the street he lives on
8. he remembers when you tell him promises or bribes
9. he is trying to give up his nap
10. he is creating friendships and relationships in such an amazing way now

Happy Birthday Big Boy!

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Paige said...

Sunday morning, I was rubbing Mama Bee belly butter on my belly after I got out of the shower, and Bryson asked me... "What is that for?"

I replied "It is a special lotion for when you have a baby in your belly."

"Oh," he said, "What kind of lotion do you use when you have a tiger in your belly?"