Monday, June 2, 2008

Belgian Wit

i finally measured the hef i had been brewing and lo and behold it had fermented, so i bottled it right away on saturday. it needs to sit a week before the taste we still have to see. this time bottling i used the carbonation tablets instead of the measured corn sugar, so we will see how that little experiment goes. i made sure the owner of steinfillers figured out exactly how much both the 12 oz and 22 oz bottles would need because i have heard many a story of exploding beer bottles due to too much sugar.

i also purchased my next batch (i told the owner that my husband's favorite beer was hoegaarden beer so he suggested the Begian Wit Ingredient Kit) and was going to wait to make it because it seemed complicated and time consuming, but our friend D.J. happened into town and was totally into it and totally helped me so i took advantage! the belgian wit beer we are now fermenting uses u.s. golding hops and saaz hops, it also has the following grains: belgian aromatic, flaked wheat, flaked oats and hulls. the spices are bitter orange peel and coriander. look at me and how fancy i am getting...i am starting to feel a little adventurous, but think i will stick to a couple more ingredient kits before i branch out on my own...i plan to develop my own recipe and hopefully submit it for the orange county fair, but that is a lofty goal, so we shall see. anyway, we pretty much followed the recipe to code and there were no surprises or mishaps we pitched the yeast (WLP400 Belgian Wit Ale Yeast) and popped on the airlock and now we shall wait...

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