Wednesday, June 11, 2008

ode to dairy

pregnancy isn't the easiest job in the world and some definitely have it worse than others, but something happened to me during this pregnancy that i am really sad about. i have developed some sort of lactose intolerance. i have researched this and apparantly you can't develop lactose intolerance during pregnancy, but that because dairy is hard for our bodies to digest and pregnant women can have digestive issues anyway, it is sometimes not a good situation. now...i know this sounds silly and it is a little bit, but my great-grandparents were dairy farmers and my mom had us drink whole milk till we were in jr. high and would yell if margarine ever wandered into our fridges and basically started me on this whole dairy i blame her. well her and the overwhelmingly awesomeness of cheese and cow by-products. i havent been able to have milk with my cereal - i even cant take the lactaid milk - and anything above a slice of cheese has me naseous, bloated and sometimes even worse digestive problems. anyway - i miss you dairy - and i hope we can meet again one day. i hope that this child i am carrying is not picking up on this lactose intolerance and will never know the joy of yogurt parfaits and real ice cream...till we meet again...

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