Thursday, June 12, 2008

the frumpy sweater

it is rather belated for a mother's day blog, but the other day i put on my frump sweater and couldnt help but conjure up dozens of images of my mom in her frump sweater. she had this hideous sweater that was not only ugly it was uncomfortable - it had been washed so many times that the inside scratched you as you wore it to remind you it had outlived its heyday. any way - my mom loved this horrible thing for some reason and mostly donned it on cleaning days. a few months ago at old navy i found this sweater and the inside of it reminded me of my mom's awful sweater and i bought it for some reason...

no - i know the reason...its because i am inevitably becoming like my mom more and more...especially since i am a mom now myself. it is this thing that can not be stopped - its crazy how it happens to you...i caught myself calling bryson a "buberhead" the other day and gasped...her creepy made up language is even making its way into my vocabulary. but seriously part of me smiles - i would love to be just half the mom my mom was...frumpy sweater and all!

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