Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pale Ale Update

(me "racking" the beer before i bottle)

i finished my first batch of beer and was able to not ruin it ( i for sure thought i would contaminate something due to my severe lack of sanitation skills) but it actually turned out pretty good. it was extremely light - due to the fact i didn't boil the hops long enough i am sure, but still tasty nonetheless. i was so relieved that it was drinkable - hek - not just drinkable, but we only have about 6 bottles left of the 5 gallons! we have had guests over that took a fancy to the pseudo brew pale ale style.

there were so many steps that could have gone wrong - i tried to be as careful as i can with the sanitation, which i guess paid off since it didnt have a skunk taste to it.

i look forward to my next batch - the hefeweizen, but i am having fermentation issues...i will keep it udpated - i am giving it another week before i measure it with the hydrometer, but the guy at Steinfillers told me i didnt have to scrap the batch, that i could just pitch more yeast in, so that is encouraging at least...


Rashelle said...

I'll attest to the drink-ability, not merely drinkable but quite tasty to boot (coming from a gal who prefers very hoppy IPAs). Looking forward to the next batch.

JJ said...

my feelings are hurt that you've never offered me your pseudo-brew.