Friday, June 13, 2008

peter fernandez

i so look forward to the long beach telegram on fridays. that is when they have the section where people can post anniversaries and birthdays and congratulations...but more than anything i know that peter fernandez is going to be there.

i started noticing him about 6 months ago and started collecting his clippings last month. he is a genius and a poet...maybe a little creepy...

i dont know if you can see his picture very well but he always has a picture of him and that smile and some musician and then his take on the picture...

i sware i am not making this up, this is what this week's caption said:

"Photo shows Peter Fernandez of San Fernando City with sultry singer & whiz guitar plucker Mon David, interpreting the need of water to rid away drought, with you & me in diligence, to water the garden plants, to let restore their growths & enhance their natural production of blooms & yet, we have earnest prayers and absolute convictions of love, thus, to be drawn closer to God with a song of peace in dedication to humankind. Taken on April 4, 2008 at a lively Spring Beats Concert in Hollywood."

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